We are happy to offer exclusive pricing on fully custom sublimated jerseys through 3N2 from now until February 15th!

Please contact our jersey representative, Emily Olewnik, Mon-Fri between Noon-1:00pm or 6:00-8:00pm at (917)971-7517 or via email at eolewnik.pitchnhit@gmail.com

Tournament Updates for scores, standings, weather, scheduling, as well as other tournament news and documents available at each tournament link located at the top of the page...

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Tournament Mission:

1.) To provide a number of games for each team within a balanced schedule.
2.) To allow a competitive tournament format with opportunities to advance within the tournament.
3.) To provide a pleasant and exciting tournament while allowing for social activities within the area.
4.) To develop the tournament into an exciting annual event that teams from all across the region will attend.

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